The BA Group brings an aviator’s perspective to real estate and that insight adds value to its projects. The company understands the intricacies of real estate transaction and development, and it helps FBOs, flight departments and airports assure long-term revenue growth and value on their real estate assets. Real estate on airports is becoming less a commodity and more of an acute strategic investment opportunity. Understanding where existing and future market demand exists, key components of investment feasibility and appreciation, and how to navigate the entitlement and development process is crucial to returning long-term value.

A cost/benefit analysis is a systematic approach to estimating the strengths and weaknesses of a project. The BA Group uses a disciplined cost/benefit methodology to determine if a project is a sound investment. By weighing the expected costs versus the total expected benefits, you can make smart decisions about the feasibility of your project or specific aspects of it. Our extensive experience, market knowledge and vast industry network allow us to help our clients determine all of the potential risks and rewards to a prospective project.
Conceptual and financial modeling helps stakeholders better understand their project and its potential outcomes. Objectives, inputs, outputs, content and assumptions are gathered and used to predict things like a project’s costs or a property’s revenue potential. The BA Group uses its real-world experience to develop models that aid you in making critical decisions related to real estate development projects.
BA Group’s RFP process is well planned, detailed and highly organized. We are diligent in outlining our client’s goals and requirements so that they can be clearly communicated through the selection process. Critical components like timelines, processes, standards, aesthetic goals and pricing are items that the BA Group is well versed in defining. We are also well connected and experienced in the marketplace, which allows us to fully communicate the RFP to all industry stakeholders.
A properly negotiated lease can add value to your real estate investment. A poorly-negotiated lease can be a costly mistake that could make or break a project. The BA Group assists in negotiating strong, effective leases that are fair to all parties while providing maximum advantage to its clients.
As your representative, we’ll use our construction management experience to oversee the build of your project, with a keen eye for safety, security and privacy. We’ll manage the bidding process and recommend a prime contractor while monitoring the work to ensure that your budget, schedule and quality objectives are achieved. As aviation experts, we’ll deliver a finished product that’s the perfect home to planes and the people who use them.
Let us put our background in both real estate and executive-level marketing for several noteworthy aviation organizations to work for you. The BA Group’s team understand the intricacies of aviation real estate. We have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the procurement process with efficiency and accuracy, and we can craft a successful marketing strategy to get your facility or development noticed by the people that matter.